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YourStep Branding and Digital Design

The best academic and emotion support for students

Design and Strategy: Relajaelcoco

Design lead: Celia Campos

Client: YourStep

Strategic Process Scheme

The Need

YourStep is a startup born in 2020. Its aim is to create a digital platform that helps students with a better and more organized performance at school.

They wanted to reshape the way teachers, students and school interact online with a shared platform more advanced than existing ones. This platform would provide a synthetic and visual dashboard that guides school life step by step. With this in mind the approach was to analyze deeply these kinds of digital products and make one that could work with timelines, calendars interactions and  performance charts that show students how to consistently work during the academic year.

The Proposal

With this in mind, our idea was to consider two aspects: creating the general brand identity of the project and designing an MVP to let YourStep dudes to promote and pitch their product to find investments. On the visual identity we took into consideration the main essence of the project. Thinking about the idea of how a step by step performance works and translating it to a visual system that uses dotted lines, visual journeys and elevated elements to talk about selfimprovement and career progression.

The Pain

The most difficult part of this project was to translate the huge amount of needs for the platform to a synthetic visual design that allows users to avoid the overwhelming feeling when you enter the platform for the first time.

The Solution

Together with YourStep crew we developed on Figma a platform that helps students to have a guidance. It provides constant information about individual performance based on three main areas: academical, emotional and college orientation. The digital product provides a smooth experience both for teachers and students, collecting metrics that improve the suggestion for each student's performance. The platform creates a personalized follow up that empowers students' experiences across the academic life.

The Goal

The main objective was to build a neat visual system and a synthetic and very functional digital product demo that could help YourStep to pitch and sell their idea. Also, on a second step, this work was useful to improve and scale the platform both on desktop and mobile.The startup is now using and testing the platform with several Spanish colleges with an almost full operative digital product.