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Design is an attitude that is influenced by the everyday stimulus that surrounds us. It’s like the Roman God Janus with his two faces. One is rational and meticulous and the other is crazy and unpredictable.

Mojo is the most carnal representation of this second facet. It transcends and goes beyond planning and rationale. It’s pure pleasure for all the senses.

It’s a fluid being that melts amongst the aromas of great food. It’s swimming in the flavors and perceiving the unexpected energy or what envelops us. It’s the warmth that floods us when we tear into a new sensation like it was the last bite on earth.

It’s the frenzy and freedom of going out until the sun comes up. It’s the sudden rush of surrendering control. It’s going from here to there, defying the status quo without limits or barriers to enjoying the pleasure of something genuine.

Ultimately, Mojo is a constant journey that changes you from within. It lets you always be different, new, open to experimentation and to explore the unknown. And to satisfy, even for a moment, that indomitable, the unendingly roaring beast inside you.