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Our little patch of land. A place for Mario Kart, parties, excellent meals and hard work (but with great music). One of the most incredible places in Madrid that doesn’t appear in any city guides. If you want to find us, just tell us something beautiful.

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Methodology + Philosophy

Over the last ten years we have helped our clients experience design differently, mixing our philosophy with a powerful methodology. For us, creativity is the best way to involve clients and create a positive dialogue between brands and end users. The result of this powerful interaction is unexpected solutions that spread content with a vibrant communication structure. From the concept to the final solution, our aim is to create a strategic visual system that makes a product unique.

Services that we offer

Brand Identity


Editorial Design


Insane Digital Products


R&D Tech: VR/AR/MR/

Some of our clients

Mapping Residencies, Buenavida, El País, Jot Down Smart, GrupoPrisa, Fedrigoni Spain, Editorial Turner / BBVA, Ayuda en Acción, Kartz Media Works, Conexiones Improbables, Casa África, Linkage & Mind, Walk with me, Goods of Spain, La Latina Map, IED Barcelona, IE Business School, Popular Mechanics, Wall Street English, BMAT Barcelona, Sunday publishing,, European Parliament, Campari Switzerland, Empty, Folch Studio, Salamanca's University,, Pixelatto, Worldreader, Cosentino Group, #ffbcn Barcelona, Tuenti, Brand Union, Bibiana Balbé, Ayuntamiento de Madrid, Año Chino Usera, Santillana, La Casa Encendida, Line, Johnson Controls Hitachi, Editorial Planeta, Mitula Group, Italian Embassy of Madrid, BBVA Spain, Mine, Men's Health, Entertainment Weekly, Fast Company, IEEE Spectrum, Billboard Magazine, Fortune Magazine, Cincinnati Magazine, Makeshift Magazine, The Outpost,

Relaja Team

All I want to do is party hard

Pablo Galeano |
Founder |

He is one of the creative minds obsessed with project strategic analysis and conceptual development. Absolute defender of coherency.

Good food is my religion

Francesco Furno |
Founder |

The other creative mind spawned with the latest generation AI. Investigates, analyzes and designs with Pablo in addition to being the studio’s official chef.

Law and order but in the cutest way

Pilar Torres |
Project Manager |

Positivity and calmness, without her the organization of our day to day life would be an endless macro-task. And her cats are extremely cute.

Snarky but obedient

Celia Campos|
Designer |

Our trusty and little raccoon. She's always on the beat (doesn't matter if it cames from Berlin or Puerto Rico) while developing creative proposals.

She's been trained for years to become the next Lara Croft

Carmen Mata |
Designer |

She is as fast as a Delorean. No misalignment escapes her gaze. The only sane person in the studio.

The devil’s devil’s advocate

Luis Santos |
Developer |

This is the guy who knows the most about programming. He is wisdom personified and makes our ideas possible in the world of machines.

Some of our clients

Line, Díez&Bonilla, Ayuntamiento de Madrid, European Parliament, Campari Switzerland, Buenavida / El País, El País Semanal, Mine Magazine, Jot Down Magazine, Club de Creativos, Fundación Carasso, Ecomobilier, EMPTY / Qatar Museum, BytheFace, Mo, Spark 44 / Jaguar and Land Rover, JugarBienES, Zapiens / IberiaICON, Muno, BBVA, Ayuda en Acción, Covite, Yorokobu, Mapping Residencies, Interbrand / WiZink, Fedrigoni Spain, Conexiones Improbables, IED Barcelona, IE Business School, BMAT Barcelona, Sunday publishing, Folch Studio, Universidad de Salamanca,, Pixelatto, Worldreader, Tuenti, Brand Union, Santillana, La Casa Encendida, Line, Johnson Controls Hitachi, Zenith Editorial Planeta, Mitula Group, Men's Health, Entertainment Weekly, Fast Company, Billboard Magazine, Fortune Magazine, Makeshift Magazine, The Outpost, Kellogg’s, Mini / BMW, BBC iWonder, Havas, La Despensa, Polpettas, Fragmento Universo, Régoa vinos, Trivu.

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