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Suma Content Strategy and Visual Brand

The queerest Spanish Entertainment Company with coolest visual brand

Strategy: Relajaelcoco

Logo Concept: Borja Pakrolsky (Suma Content)

Visual Brand: Celia Campos (Relajaelcoco)

Project Coordinators: Pablo Galeano and Beltrán Gortázar

Photography: José Luis Albert

The Need

Suma Content founded by los Javis, a famous Spanish directors duo, contacted us to reshape the main essence of their upgraded production company. Last year, after the huge success of La Veneno Tv Show, they decided to move forward and upgrade Suma Latina, their existing company to Suma Content, with a brand new strategy, more focused on content creation.

The Solution

The final solution is a visual identity in which the black color, together with a bright color palette and a sophisticated typography to enhance how special is the essence of Suma Content.

The black color reminds the TV or cinema screens, and the typography has a beautiful humanistic touch with huge details to enhance the bold personality of the broadcasting company and its uniqueness.

The Proposal

Together with Borja Pakrolsky, we agreed to design a brand that had a contemporary essence, keeping the star from the previous logo to create a continuity with the past.

As Suma Content is taking care of valuable stories with a bold personality Pakrolsky proposed to design the main logo with a solid, retro essence type. In addition, we were working on the concept of bold storytellers together with the idea of bringing to the mainstream uncommon stories to build the visual system.

The Goal

Providing Suma Content with a solid value proposition in which diversity, quality and authenticity are the pillars of a scalable essence that is being applied everyday in several channels. The visual identity responds to support the transition from the past essence of los Javis, to the new project of Suma Content.