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A rebranding for an agency that represents lateral thinking.

Design and Strategy: Relajaelcoco

Client: Socialmood

Strategic Process Scheme

The Need

Socialmood realized that their brand no longer represented them. Although it worked with their public’s perception, it didn’t represent the values of what they wanted to achieve in the future. The brand needed to be more grown-up and more challenging.

The Proposal

Our proposal is based on a series of workshops we did together in order to define who they wanted to be. It was an exercise in profound self-discovery that allowed us to get to know them in depth and to define their core value: lateral thinking. This is what defines them, beyond having an incredible and characteristic flow.

The Solution

We developed a behavioral system based on perspective. All the components should reflect the idea that they are capable of seeing the world from a unique perspective. The logo is the least relevant part of their identity, this is reflected through the use of different points of view.

The Goal

We have created an experiential brand that is recognizable without needing to use the logo. It is also easily scalable.

Animation System

For some assets we decided to introduce brief animated element. For instance, the email signature uses the eyes animated or for the podcasts made by SM crew we made animated covers with the geometric shapes bumping or flowing in a minimal yellow space.

Brand manual

During the last rush of the project we had a bold idea of creating the brand manual directly as an Instagram profile. We thought that it was the best dynamic solution for a digital agency as Socialmood.

Product Design

For some special activites, to enhance the brand main value, we have also ideated a specific product like Socialmooooood Pills with a new recipe that provides a very fresh breath.