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Relajaelcoco’s ‘Singularity’ is a VR motion graphic experience that creates an abstract, geometric and colorful representation of how a superhuman intelligence would rapidly evolve to make sense of the world around it.

Music: BSN Posse

Animations: Rafa Galeano

The Need

Expanding the limits of graphic design by taking advantage of the VR technology. This is the result of an exploration on the most innovative field.

The Proposal

It begins with the most basic concepts and walks towards a horizon beyond human understanding. the experimental project is the result of an exploration in the unknown field of VR graphic design, where current rules and design languages – originally thought for 2D environments such as paper, websites or apps – limit the countless possibilities of 360-stereoscopic spaces.

The Solution

Simple shapes and colors create a fluid 360-narrative and sense of spatial perception inside and empty neutral space developing a narrative structure that guides the user through a psychedelic trip of 4 minutes. After many months experimenting, we reached the best solution tuning Unity software with a personalised interface that allowed us to apply 2D shapes to a 3D environment.

The Goal

We were working on the graphic design with flat elements that recreate the perception of a tridimensional space in which the user can experience how abstract visual representations could be realistic. Everything is coded, in this way, possibilities can be infinite and uncountable. In fact, that was one of the main goals to reach and imagine how graphic design mixed with coding can be applied to VR environments and extended, in a future, to the mixed reality scenarios.