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MO de Movimiento

One of the most sustainable restaurant projects in Europe.

Design and Art Direction: Relajaelcoco

Interior Design: Lucas Muñoz & Co.

Photography: Sergio Albert

Client: Mo de Movimiento

Strategic Process Scheme

The Need

The client wanted to create a brand around a project that was sustainable in the extreme. The project is a cosy restaurant built in an old theater that uses recycled materials from the space, all the staff are in a moment where they find themselves at risk of marginalization, the ingredients are the highest quality, locally sourced and organic products and the interior design and furniture are created to exude sustainably down to the smallest detail. We were asked to create a brand that represents all this and also opens doors for future projects.

The Proposal

Our proposal speaks to sensitivity as a core value. We don’t want to raise awareness, we don’t want to educate anyone about sustainability. We decided that the brand should speak for itself, a sensitive body that reacts to its environment and circumstances.

The Solution

We developed a system based on sensitivity that reacts to stimuli and does not remain impassive. Through a particle generator we created a series of living distortions inspired by flour as the foundation of their cooking style (pizzas) that make the elements react to the presence of objects, whether it’s a dot on a paper or the user’s hand.

The Goal

Based on an exhaustive study of the cultural consciousness of the audience in which MO wants to be reflected, we have managed to create an identity whose esthetic is challenging and demanding. An attitude that defines a special path in the race towards sustainability.