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A poetry book by Suso Sudón using the womb as a representation of the comfort zone and eventually how to leave it.

Design: Relajaelcoco

Size: 12x19cm

Printed by: Crutomen, Madrid

Author: Suso Sudón

The Need

Suso Sudón asked us to do the layout of his latest poetry collection under the concept of The Matrix. The Matrix in this case is a womb, it’s the city where you live and all your creature comforts. The work describes the process of leaving the womb and discovering a more adventurous life.

The Proposal

We came up with the idea to do the entire publication in just two colors, red for the womb or Matrix and blue for freedom.

The Solution

The limited color palette makes the publication unique. The covers and sides of the book are all in red, symbolizing the womb. Once inside, the texture represents how the author breaks boundaries to get out. The color scheme shifts from the first poem (in red), to the last (in blue) with the color of the text changing to show the idea of getting out of The Matrix, of reaching freedom.

The Goal

The design helped sell 2,000 copies of the book through the artist’s self-publishing system.