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Mapping Residencies

Talking about residencies all over the world was never so interesting and visually deep.

Art direction: Relajaelcoco

Managing editors: Raquel Cámara

Image cover: Miluca Sans

Printer: Grafilur

Size: 24x27cm

Fonts: Velino Text, S-L type, Aperçu.

We were asked to design the magazine's identity and layout based on the concept of the artist’s expression in contemporary society, and how residencies help spread those ideas. The visual identity is based on the concept of the connections between the artist, artistic residencies, and the cities and countries where they operate.

The final result is a dynamic logo that evolves inside the publication, acting as a landmark that helps readers find information.

Finally, we came up with a strong, rational graphic proposal broken up by intentional mistakes. Elements are fixed in a strong white space, as a visual metaphor for the blank space used in art.

Both characteristics coexist in the same composition. The generated errors give the layout irrational interventions that break the rules of composition.

Each issue has a color palette based on two main nuances.

While the first issue is about local residencies in NYC and Long Island, the second issue is about worldwide networks and how they work.

The general content describes artists' experiences while doing residencies.