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Díez & Bonilla

A brand redesign to highlight the professionalism and compassionate care of a dental clinic.

Design and Art Direction: Relajaelcoco

Architects: Romina Barbieri

Fashion Design: Libertad Suárez

Client: Díez & Bonilla

Strategic Process Scheme

The Need

Díez & Bonilla are two dental surgeons who have a clinic in Madrid. They are also nationally and internationally known for orthodontics and corrective jaw surgery. They asked us to redesign their visual identity to more effectively reflect their values and emphasize their product.

The Proposal

As regular shapes are fundamental in their daily work, we proposed to use geometry to illustrate an essential part of their work.

The Solution

The visual system is a mix of geometric elements like a diamond in a circle plus very readable, geometric typefaces and thick strokes with 45º and 90º angles. We also managed the color palette using nuances that represent the parts of the face they work with: teeth (white), gums (soft pink), bones (light yellow). We also included blue for surgery and black to represent their technical specialties.

As their work is very technical and relies on being able to easily explain in great detail the configuration of teeth and the facial bones, we adopted a polygonal drawing style in line with this feature. Finally, we used dashed lines as a graphic element within the entire visual identity to refer to the marks that surgeons make when operating.

The Goal

After almost two years, the new layout and design are spreading a more consistent message. This is thanks to how the brand’s visual elements coexist and can be replicated in different contexts. The design is dynamic and easy to apply but also generates a great deal of impact with only a few elements.