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Campari Product Bible

A classy and contemporary graphic system to show all the Campari Group products.

Design and layout: Relajaelcoco

Client: Campari Switzerland

Printed by: Campari Crutomen

Size: A4

Print: Hardcover and UV print

Campari Switzerland asked us to design its 2017 and 2018 Product Bibles. These are internal publications that showcase the market relevance of Campari’s brands in Switzerland.

We were inspired by the amazing work of Fortunato Depero, the Italian futurist artist from the 1930s who created stunning graphics for the brand. Our design was a contemporary interpretation of the classic visual language. The results are a digital and printed publication where all the Campari Group brands are displayed in a very clean way to allowing for quick and easy consultations.

The blue, red and gold color palette is very simple and is based on Campari’s brand colors to maintain the corporate coherence of the publication.