Wired UK Infographic


WiredUK through Pocko People, a UK based agency, asked us to realize a map about what are EU listening to? And we tried to represent the different mood

of four countries with a sparkling, colored map of middle west Europe.

Light blue countries are the ones playing music, and the light red ones

are turned off.

Plus, we decided to use the compass as a record player wired with all the active countries in the map: UK, Germany, Portugal and Spain.

Small characters are representing the main music style played in each one.

Everything structured with a very simple and impacful composition.



  • Agency: Pocko People;
  • Design: relajaelcoco.

Technical specifications:

16,9x16,9 cm


Date & Country:

February 2015 - UK



#infographic #icon

#illuatration #map #magazine #wired

#editorial #uk